Saturday, 19 November 2011

Fashion Doll Clothes

My eldest daughter wanted a special present for her friend's birthday party. Something "different, that no-one else would give her". We bought a 12" fashion doll, and a pretty cardboard suitcase to put her in, and made her a set of clothes.

A frilly pink underskirt with a glittery blue waistband, fastened with little blue snaps.

This is the petticoat under a stripy dress we made recently for my daughter's doll.

A blue and white checked dress, with matching shopping bag.

The dress also fastens with little snaps. I find they're better for dolls' clothes, because they don't catch in the doll's hair like hook and loop tape, and they don't pick up fluff! This dress also has a ribbon sash that can be tied in a bow at the back.

An elegant white evening dress made from spotted lawn.

A pink and white striped dress with ribbon straps. This dress also fastens with snaps, but I didn't think the pink snaps looked great with this fabric, so I covered them with matching fabric before attaching them.

Much classier!

I hate unfinished seams, so when I designed these dresses I made all the bodices fully lined, and finished any raw edges on the overlocker.

As you can see, I didn't make the bodice on this one quite right. There's a big overlap on the left there!

Another view of the white evening dress.

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