Friday, 22 July 2011

Teacher Gifts

The children made their usual concertina books for the teachers instead of cards.

On each page they have written something about their year in this particular class, and added a picture that they like on the opposite page.

Because their teachers and teaching assistants have been SO fabulous dealing with their diabetes, we made them each a tote bag. Their main helpers got a reversible bag with pockets, and the others have a plain tote bag.

Reversible bag part-way through construction.

One side...

... and reversed.

Another reversible bag, part-way through construction.

Looking inside.

The two reversible bags, made using this tutorial

The plain totes, improvised by me. They are both lined.


  1. Where did you pick up these lovely fabrics? I have looked everywhere for kitsch prints like these and so far had no luck. I really want to make some lovely totes for people for Xmas but don't want to spend a fortune on Cath Kidston fabric. Any suggestions?

    Your creations are fabulous by the way. You have inspired me to drag out my creative side and my sewing machine more often.

  2. I searched everywhere and eventually ended up searching for "heavyweight cotton fabric" on ebay, and found these! It's also worth putting "upholstery fabric" or "curtain fabric" into ebay, as there are often some great fabrics that are suitable for bags, which people have left over from making chair covers, curtains or cushions. :-)

    Thank you for the lovely comment. :-D