Thursday, 29 January 2009

More Progress on the Quilt

I don't have a square ruler, so I used a different method to square up my blocks. I made a square 3.5" x 3.5", with a diagonal line across it, put this on each square, with the line along the line in the centre of the square and trimmed off any bits of fabric that stuck out.

It's starting to look nice when I put the pinwheels together. Can't wait to sew these together.

I have another 20 blocks to neaten before I can start step 5.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

More Old Projects

A few past creations...

A baby cardigan for a friend.

Some wash mitts with appliques.

A nappy made from some old flannel pyjamas and some bamboo velour that I dyed bright pink.

A couple of bibs with appliques.

The first nappy I made for baby #3, from a Miffy t-shirt!

This is how far I had got with my YCMT quilt before today. Half-way through step 2!

Today I stitched squares together...

..with the aid of a nice cup of tea!

They looked OK flattened out.

The pile of sewn triangles was quite satisfying to look at.

All the pieces have been pressed. I took this last photo before I trimmed the edges. The colours will go nicely together. I felt quite pleased to have completed step 3 ... until I checked the blog and found it was up to stage 7! Help!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

I've sewn together, and cut apart, the first two squares for the quilt today. I'll upload photos to here as soon as the batteries are charged!

Some Progress

Yesterday I made and posted a pair of mitts for Seri (hope they fit!). I couldn't take a photo before posting them as all the batteries in the house ran out at the same time.

I finished cutting out the squares for my YCMT quilt, so hopefully I should be able to start the second step today, if I can find any spare time.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

A Few Recent Projects

Label blanket toys for two baby friends.

Christmas fairy tutu for a friend.

New Year, New Blog

Maybe this year, instead of cluttering up everyone's inboxes with random photos of my latest sewing project or other creative offerings, I'll remember to post them on here, so that those who are interested can keep up, without being bombarded with emails! :-)

My first sewing project of the year will be some fleece mitts for Seri, but after that I plan to follow the sew-along at YCMT...

So far I've cut out 48 of the required 64 squares...

... and sliced my finger with the cutter.

Baby had fun playing with the fabrics while I was cutting.