Saturday, 10 January 2009

Some Progress

Yesterday I made and posted a pair of mitts for Seri (hope they fit!). I couldn't take a photo before posting them as all the batteries in the house ran out at the same time.

I finished cutting out the squares for my YCMT quilt, so hopefully I should be able to start the second step today, if I can find any spare time.


  1. You will find the time. I found out long a go that spare time does not exist. However, finding time to do things I really want to do only happens when I make it happen. You found the time to cut the squares, so now you will find the time to sew them -- just like I will. I'll be keeping a watch on your blog to see how you're coming along with the quilt (and your other fun projects as well. Shelly

  2. Thanks Shelly! With 3 tiny ones, it's hard to find the time, but it'll get done eventually ... just not very fast! :-)