Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Growing up too fast!

We have reached the stage where oldest girl (10) doesn't want to wear pink and frilly dresses any more!  Left to herself she would wear black all the time, but we have agreed that black and bright colours are great, just "no more pink and pastels, please Mum!"

So, since I had two yards of this lovely Jennifer Paganelli Carrie fabric in bright orange, I made her a BOO! Twirly Skirt, a matching belt for her insulin pump, and I appliqued a star in the orange fabric onto an old black t-shirt.  It must be OK, since I've been told she wants to wear it to the next school non-uniform day.  The highest accolade for a home-made outfit! 

The even better news is that I still have enough to make her a couple more skirts or a dress.