Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lots of old projects!

I haven't been able to blog much for the last 12 months or so, but I have still been sewing. Here is a little catch-up. A few of my favourite sewing projects from the last year.

T-shirts for the girls.

A large-size vest for a beautiful girl.

My favourite dress for little H! I covered the snaps (poppers) in fabric, so it looked a little classier.

A dress made from an old pair of maternity trousers and an old maternity top!

Quilt for my lovely gran.

A bag for a little friend's birthday. We filled it with colouring things.

A 10-foot-long Christmas banner. Made from Christmas fabrics with letters appliqued on the front.

A Swedish costume for H's "international day" at nursery.

A patchwork cushion for Gran's 90th birthday, to match her quilt.

Various insulin pump belts, including this Twilight themed one.

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