Monday, 30 August 2010

The Summer Project - Two Dresses Finished ... and One T-Shirt!

Two happy girls in their new dresses, ready to visit their grandparents and uncle yesterday.

Little boy was shown his sisters' new dresses on Friday night and said "why haven't you made me something special to wear, Mummy?" Oh no! Huge Mummy-guilt! I told him to choose some stretchy fabric from the drawer and I'd make him a t-shirt. Here is the result. I used the Imke t-shirt pattern from the "Sewing Clothes Kids Love" book. The neckline is a bit wobbly as I accidentally stretched it a bit while sewing, but otherwise I'm pleased with it. Little boy was very happy.

Just to prove that I have inherited a crafty gene. Here is a train that my grandfather made for my little brother (now that big bearded chap in the photo above) over 30 years ago. It's still in amazing condition and the children all had lots of fun playing with it.

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