Sunday, 15 February 2009

YCMT Quilt - Looking Good!

I've been putting off doing more to my quilt because I have so little sewing time and I always feel that I need to get each project exactly right or not do it at all. However, from now on I'm adopting the phrase "done is better than perfect" which I think I read at Rostitchery ( as my new motto. Today I had the opportunity, so I sat down at the machine, baby on lap for part of the time, although I got more done when she fell asleep and I put her in the pram!

Here are the pinwheels all sewn together. Not exactly perfect, but definitely done!

Here it is with edges added. Not pressed!

So - have I caught up?!

1 comment:

  1. Girl you not only have caught up, but you're past me! I haven't gotten that far! Things have just crept up on me and it seems I can't get anything caught back up or done! It looks great! And remember, its the little imperfections that make something PERSONALLY MADE instead of store bought!