Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Monkey Set for Baby H

My next project is a set for the baby, who is 8.5 months old at the moment. I have some lovely green flannel with monkeys on it, and matching fleece, plus some co-ordinating spotty flannel. I'm planning to make her:

1 Rita's Rump pocket nappy - monkey flannel on the outside and dotty flannel on the inside.

1 Rita's Rump cover - monkey fleece on the outside and white microfleece on the inside.

1 embellished vest - a bought vest with some of the monkey flannel appliqued on the front.

2 embellished infant prefolds, to be used as inserts for the pocket nappy, since she's too big for them now!

I'll update here as I make them, and if I have the time I might do a tutorial for the wrap and pocket nappy too.

Here are the materials, all ready!!

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