Friday, 21 September 2012

Summer Creations

We did quite a lot of creating during the summer holidays...

With two children with type 1 diabetes in the house, we get through a LOT of blood testing strips.  Ours come in little plastic pots, and we end up with at least 10 empty pots per month.  We decided to try decorating a few to use as containers for beads.  We hot-glued ribbon all round the sides, and made a ribbon bow with a button on the top to glue to the lid.

I made little girl a dress.

We made our first attempt at making those squiggly ribbon bows known as "korker" bows.  Little girl loved hers!

I managed to do another couple of squares for my Craftsy BOM quilt.  This is the Dresden plate block.

This is the modern Dresden plate block.  Next time I think I will do the stitching by hand, as I'm not very happy with this.

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