Friday, 25 September 2009

Wipe-Clean Spelling List

The children have a list of spellings each from school, and until now I was writing them out on A4 paper and blu-tacking them to the wall. It wasn't ideal, so last weekend we decided to make wipe-clean spelling lists.

Take one piece of A4 card. Centre a piece of A5 paper on it, and draw around the edge.

Cut out some pictures, or find some stickers that you like.
Stick the pictures and stickers on the border of your cardboard. Make sure you leave the rectangle in the centre clear, as this is the part you will write the spellings on.

Strips of patterned paper look good around the edges (and are a quick way to make this, if the children are impatient!).

Laminate the finished sheet.

Fix the sheet to the wall (we used blu-tack) and write your spellings onto it with a whiteboard marker. When you want to remove them they can be removed by wiping with a dry cloth.

Note: We accidentally wrote the words on with permanent marker the first time, and the children were very upset that we couldn't remove them, but we discovered a way to take permanent marker off these laminated sheets. Take a whiteboard marker and write over the permanent pen. While it's still wet, wipe it off with a dry cloth. You will need to work with small areas - maybe one letter at a time - but it works!

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